GLE inversion software package

The software is currently available in a beta version. If you are a member of the HESPERIA consortium, you can access the beta version through ownCloud. If you are an external user and you are interested in this version please email us.

Download NM Asymptotic Directions

The asymptotic directions for all neutron monitor stations for all historic GLEs, from GLE 1 through 71, were computed using the software suite PLANETOCOSMICS (Desorgher et al. 2006). The geomagnetic field is described by the IGRF model for the magnetic field contributions caused by sources in the Earth's interior and the Tsyganenko 1989 model (Tsyganenko 1989) describing the magnetic field caused by current systems within the geomagnetosphere. The asymptotic directions were calculated every 15 minutes for all neutron monitor stations.

The list of GLEs was taken from NMDB.

The values of the Kp index were obtained from NOAA (before 1994) and from the Helmholtz-Centre Potsdam (after 1994).

Download: asymptotic.tar (370 MB)

Download Interplanetary Green's Functions for Relativistic Particles

SEPServer hosts a database of Green's functions of interplanetary transport computed for relativistic particles propagating at the speed of light to aid the studies of GLEs. This database was computed assuming 30 values of the proton radial mean free path logarithmically spaced between 0.10 and 2.00 AU and 10 values of the solar wind speed between 300 and 750 km/s, with step intervals of 50 km/s. The pitch-angle diffusion coefficient was assumed isotropic with q = 1 (see Used Models).

We computed a new database of results assuming a pitch-angle diffusion coefficient that considers the case q=5/3, in order to be able to model the propagation of low-rigidity (< 2 GV) protons mostly (see Used Models). The database was computed assuming 29 values of the electron radial mean free path between 0.03 and 0.90 AU and 10 values of the solar wind speed between 300 and 750 km/s, with step intervals of 50 km/s. In addition, we expanded the database of results for isotropic scattering (q = 1) to include mean free path values lower than 0.10 AU.

Range of mean free path values covered in the database of Green's functions of interplanetary transport. Red horizontal lines show the simulated λr-values simulated with q = 5/3. Blue horizontal lines show the λr-values simulated with q = 1 (the dark blue lines show the values included in the SEPServer database). The range of λ0-values allowed in the GLE inversion software cover the range [0.05,0.9] AU.

Download: greens.tar (270 MB)

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