Founded in 1975, the University of Malaga (UMA) is a research & education institutions located in southern Spain. It has 2.400 researchers (27% of them in Experimental and Health Sciences and 18% in Engineering). UMA offers 51 degrees from 18 faculties to over 36.400 students (among them 25% in Engineering and 14% in Experimental and Health Sciences). The most active and highly interconnected research fields with entrepreneurship are Information Technologies, and Environment and Renewable energies (roughly 70% of the total). The UMA has 81 Departments, one of which is the Department of Languages and Computer Sciences (LCC).

The Space Weather Group of UMA/LCC, led by Professor Marlon Núñez, has a solid experience in the development of models for predicting space weather events. The main research topics are the prediction of Solar Energetic Proton (SEP) events and the automatic recognition of active regions from images. The most recent field of research is the prediction of arrival times of shocks at distances up to 9 AU.

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